Welcome to the Speedment User Guide. This manual includes instructions and examples on how you can configure and use Speedment in you Java database applications.

The reader of this User Guide needs to be familiar with the Java language and Apache Maven.

Speedment Editions

This User Guide covers all editions of Speedment. Throughout this manual:

Speedment refers to all editions of Speedment (including OSS, Stream and HyperStream). Speedment is also the name of the company (Speedment, Inc.) providing the Speedment products.

Speedment OSS is the open-source edition of Speedment which is licensed under Apache 2.0 and available on GitHub.

Speedment Stream is a commercially licensed edition of Speedment which includes enterprise database connectors (Oracle, SQLServer, DB2 and AS400). Learn more at

Speedment HyperStream is a commercially licensed edition of Speedment which provides hypersonic performance by leveraging the DataStore Memory Management Component in addition to Speedment Stream. Learn more at

Speedment Enterprise refers to all commercially licensed editions of Speedment which provides high-value enterprise features in addition to Speedment OSS.

A full comparison of software licenses is available here.

Speedment Plugins

Speedment’s functionality can be extended by using one or several plugins in the form of TypeMappers, Components and/or InjectBundles. These plugins have their own lifecycles. It is possible for anyone to write a third party Speedment plugin.

See the Speedment Enterprise Plugins Chapter to view currently available plugins.

Speedment Licensing

Speedment OSS and Speedment User Guide are free and provided under the Apache 2.0 License. Speedment Stream and Speedment HyperStream are commercially licensed by Speedment, Inc.

To license your software, please visit Speedment Licensing and Pricing.


Support for Speedment is provided on a best effort basis via GitHub, Gitter and StackOverflow

For information about professional support, see Speedment Licensing and Pricing.


In addition to the information provided in this User Guide the following resources are available:


The latest online JavaDocs are available here.

Video Tutorials

Some topics of this User Guide are covered in Video Guides which are freely available here.

Release Notes

Please refer to the Release Notes documents for new features, enhancements and fixes performed for each Speedment release.


An online Initializer that can automatically generate a custom pom-file including the needed Maven dependencies to suit your project.

The Speedment Initializer
The Speedment Initializer

Contributing to Speedment

We gladly welcome, and encourage contributions to Speedment OSS from the community. Read more here on how to make a contribution.

Phone Home

Speedment sends certain data back to our servers as described here. If you must and/or want to disable this function, contact us.

PDF rendering of the documentation

Speedment does currently not provide the documentation in PDF-format. Although, individual chapters of the documentation can be obtained in PDF-format by installing the GitPrint-plugin for Chrome.

The plugin enables Markdown-documents hosted on Github to be rendered as PDF by replacing “github” in the file-path to the md-file with “gitprint”. All chapter source files can be found here.

For example: “” will yield a PDF-version of the chapter on Advanced Features.