Install with Gradle

Since JPAStreamer acts merely as an API extension for any existing JPA provider it requires minimal installation and configuration efforts. You only need to specify that the JPAStreamer dependency is required to compile your source code.

JPAStreamer requires use of Java 8 or later.

To install, add the following code to the project’s build.gradle-file:

repositories {

dependencies { (1)
    compile "com.speedment.jpastreamer:jpastreamer-core:version"
    annotationProcessor "com.speedment.jpastreamer:fieldgenerator-standard:version"

sourceSets { (2)
    main {
        java {
            srcDir 'src/main/java'
            srcDir 'target/generated-sources/annotations'(3)
1 The required JPAstreamer dependencies
2 Picks up the generated metamodel as an additional source directory
3 Path to the generated sources